Beloved Rascal Strategy #3: Recess Squad

As a quick fix for disruptive behavior, draw a box labeled Recess Squad on your whiteboard. Wait until a student breaks a rule several times (always followed by Rule Call out). Then, when peace has settled, look away from Wild Jack, but motion vaguely in his direction. Place an X in the Recess Squad box. Say, gently, ‘One or more of my friends over there needs a bit of recess rule practice.” By keeping the class in the dark about the identity of the culprit, you avoid dealing with the Beloved Rascal’s protests. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 10.29.46 AM

At recess, the Recess Squad practices a rule gesture of your selection for no more than 30 seconds … then, they escape to the playground where, hopefully, they complain to their classmates about life on the Recess Squad.

After weeks of the Recess Squad, add a rule beneath the box.
For example, if you want speedier transitions, the label would be “Recess Squad: Rule 1.” If you wanted improvement in hand raising, write “Recess Squad: Rule 2” Targeting a rule will focus your students on the behavior you want to nourish. Still later, perhaps after Christmas, introduce the Escape Arrow. You place several kids’ X’s in the Recess Squad. Then, before long, you note one student’s improved behavior. Draw the Escape Arrow from the X to outside the box.

Below is a selection of 10 of our most successful techniques to help your Beloved Rascals achieve in the classroom. Click on each technique to learn more. Stay with each strategy for about a month before adding a new one. Challenging Kids would not be a problem if they were Quick Fixes.

  1. Open the Door
  2. Rule Call Out
  3. Recess Squad
  4. Super Improver Star Cards
  5. Three Choices
  6. Brief Rule Practice
  7. Practice Cards
  8. Volunteer Guardian
  9. The Bulls Eye Game
  10. The Agreement Bridge