Beloved Rascal Strategy #1: Open the Door

Say something like the following in class, “As you know, one of our most important rules, is ‘Make smart choices.’  I want you to have lots of Smart Choices practice.  I’ll occasionally ask you a question about yourself outside of class.  It’s your choice, of course, how much to answer and how long we talk.  But I do encourage you to chat with me because I think it would be a Smart Choice if you help me, your teacher, know more about who you are.” 


Open the door to your Beloved Rascals by posing questions, not many more than one per day. Before anything else, you must establish a relationship that doesn’t involve scolding.  Praise your Rascals for small signs of positive behavior; learn about their interests; praise their cool shoes. 

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We suggest five types of Open the Door questions.  The last one is Surefire:

1.  General:  How are you doing today?   

2.  Personal:  How’s life at home?

3.  Academic:  What part of class do you like the best?  What’s your strongest (weakest) subject?

4.  Topical:  Did you see Batman vs. Superman

5.  Surefire:  Find out the student’s favorite video game … then play it …and ask for advice.


We can’t improve the behavior of Beloved Rascals, unless we encourage them to talk to us. 

Below is a selection of 10 of our most successful techniques to help your Beloved Rascals achieve in the classroom.  Click on each technique to learn more. 


Stay with each strategy for about a month before adding a new one.  Challenging Kids would not be a problem if they were Quick Fixes.

  1. Open the Door

  2. Rule Call Out

  3. Recess Squad

  4. Super Improver Star Cards

  5. Three Choices

  6. Brief Rule Practice

  7. Practice Cards

  8. Volunteer Guardian

  9. The Bulls Eye Game

  10. The Agreement Bridge