Beloved Rascal Strategy #7: Practice Cards

Place the display below in the front of the room. 

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 5.57.42 PM

Make a stack of white index cards, labeled for each classroom rule.  When a student breaks a rule, put the appropriate rule card in his slot.  Don’t say, “If you break that rule again, I’m giving you’re a White Card.”  If you follow the procedures above, you’ve been practicing rules for months and months.  Truth be told, kids will still break rules … they’re kids, not robots.  When you’re ready for Practice Cards, don’t scold … just put the card in the student’s slot.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 10.40.44 AM

Students engage in rule practice, making the appropriate rule gesture, for one minute per White Card.  A maximum of two White Cards can be assigned before lunch and two more after lunch. Move slowly up to these maximums.  Don’t go wild with White Cards on day one … four White Cards by last recess should take at least a month of misbehavior.

A White note is sent home to parents indicating the rule that should be practiced.  White Cards stay in their slots, until the note comes back signed from parents. Before long, you will discover which children live with irresponsible adults.  These unfortunate kids are assigned an on-campus Volunteer Guardian (usually another teacher).  The Volunteer Guardian administers counseling and support, playing the role of an outstanding parent.  Thus, every troubled child on campus is guaranteed the presence in their life of one responsible adult.

After a month or so of White Carding, Purple Cards are introduced for positive behavior.  Wild jack raised his hand for permission to speak.  Stop the World!  Purple Card that good boy.  A Purple Card cancels a White Card.  If a student retains a Purple Card at the end of the day, a Purple (praise) note is sent home or taken to the Volunteer Guardian.

Below is a selection of 10 of our most successful techniques to help your Beloved Rascals achieve in the classroom.  Click on each technique to learn more. 
Stay with each strategy for about a month before adding a new one. Challenging Kids would not be a problem if they were Quick Fixes.

  1. Open the Door
  2. Rule Call Out
  3. Recess Squad
  4. Super Improver Star Cards
  5. Three Choices
  6. Brief Rule Practice
  7. Practice Cards
  8. Volunteer Guardian
  9. The Bulls Eye Game
  10. The Agreement Bridge