Beloved Rascals Strategy #4:  Star Cards

Consistently use the Super Improvers (see Intermediate menu) to reward students for improvement in social behaviors and academic skills.  After a few weeks, your Beloved Rascals will see this is a game they can win … growth, however small, is rewarded with Star Lines on the Super Improver display. 


Show Wild Jack a list of behaviors that he could polish: make his targets simple to achieve and clearly described:

  • Don’t put your head on the desk during Morning Message
  • Keep all four legs of your chair on the floor when reading
  • After recess, walk, don’t run, into the classroom
  • Reply “You’re welcome” when the teacher says “Thank you!”


Give Jack a highly decorated Star Card, a 3x5 index card, labeled with his target behavior.  Say, “Whenever you do a good job with your goal, give yourself a tally mark.  At the end of the day, show me the tallies.  We’ll talk about how you’re doing.  If we both agree you’re making progress, then you might get a few Star Lines.”  Keep the process with Jack open ended; don’t specify the number of tallies he has to make or Jack will mark like crazy.


As the weeks unfold, talk with Wild Jack about other goals he would like to place on his Star Card.


We’ve found that Star Cards containing self- chosen, self-assessed goals with an intrinsic reward (advancing up the Super Improver ladder) are powerful motivators for our Beloved Rascals.

Below is a selection of 10 of our most successful techniques to help your Beloved Rascals achieve in the classroom.  Click on each technique to learn more. 


Stay with each strategy for about a month before adding a new one.  Challenging Kids would not be a problem if they were Quick Fixes.

  1. Open the Door

  2. Rule Call Out

  3. Recess Squad

  4. Super Improver Star Cards

  5. Three Choices

  6. Brief Rule Practice

  7. Practice Cards

  8. Volunteer Guardian

  9. The Bulls Eye Game

  10. The Agreement Bridge