Beloved Rascals Strategy #9: The Bulls Eye Game

The Bulls Eye represents five levels of behavior from best (5) to worst (1).  At the end of the day, your Beloved Rascal self scores her behavior.  You score her behavior as well. 

Bulls eye graphics.056
Bulls eye graphics.057

If the scores match, the student receives two points.  If the scores are one point apart, the student receives one point.  Otherwise, no points are awarded.  Twenty-five points are needed to “purchase” a prize the student has chosen (set the maximum cost at $5).   The reason we never give away material rewards in our classroom is because we save them  In essence, you are rewarding your student for accountability and honesty … even on her worst day, she can leave school a winner if she sees the world from your point of view … a rare, almost unimaginable, achievement for challenging kids.

Bulls eye graphics.058
Bulls eye graphics.059

Below is a selection of 10 of our most successful techniques to help your Beloved Rascals achieve in the classroom.  Click on each technique to learn more. 


Stay with each strategy for about a month before adding a new one.  Challenging Kids would not be a problem if they were Quick Fixes.

  1. Open the Door

  2. Rule Call Out

  3. Recess Squad

  4. Super Improver Star Cards

  5. Three Choices

  6. Brief Rule Practice

  7. Practice Cards

  8. Volunteer Guardian

  9. The Bulls Eye Game

  10. The Agreement Bridge