Whenever we teach a core concept in Whole Brain Teaching, continental drift, alphabetical order, sentence, equation, author, we follow five steps.

Step 1: Ask a question. 

When introducing a new lesson, explain in a one minute lesson the context and significance of the question. Then ask your students to paraphrase what you have just said to each other using Teach Okay.

See the example lesson below on verbs.

Step 1: What is a verb?

Say to your students, "Today we are going to answer the question, what is a verb? A verb is a part of speech, just like the noun we learned about yesterday. The noun and the verb are partners and work together very closely. There are many other parts of speech, but the noun and the verb are the most important parts. They are like the foundation of a house: in language, everything else is built on and around the noun and verb. Today we will tackle the question, what is a verb?"



Next, ask your students to do a full turn, use big gestures, and explain to their neighbor the question that we are going to try and answer in this lesson.


Students turn to their partners and paraphrase both the question and the significance of that question, to their partner. 


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