Step 3: Expand the answer, finishing with critical thinking tasks. 


Start simple and build complexity. Speak for one minute, giving examples, explanations, and/or connections.  Then use the Teach Okay.


Use sentence frames to help students build necessary critical thinking skills. 


See the example lesson below on verbs.

Step 3: Expand the answer, with critical thinking

Give examples of active verbs. Speak for one minute, using Mirror Words or Mirror Variations. After one minute have students teach each other your lesson using Teach Okay. Then come back and add more complexity, teaching for one minute followed by Teach Okay. 


Increase the level of critical thinking by using sentence frames. Kids insert verbs into sentence frames, completing each frame as many times as possible in one minute. 

I _____. 

We _____ and _____. 

They _____, ______, and _____.