Step 4: Assess


Quickly assess comprehension using the Quick Test (QT). A QT is a list of True/False statements, easier to harder. 


The teacher says, “QT”; students respond, “Cutie!” and cover their eyes. The teacher makes true/false statements. For example, “A noun is a person, place or action word.” If the answer is true, students silently give a thumbs up gesture. If the answer is false, students silently give a thumbs down gesture. QT provides a rapid, clear picture of individual student’s understanding. If 90% of the class pass the test, the teacher should go on to Step 5. If not, the teacher should cycle back to Step 3 above and reteach the concept with new material.


See the example lesson below on verbs. 

Step 4: Assess

1.  All verbs are passive.

2.  Some verbs are active.

3.  I run.  Run is a verb.

4.  They walk in the park.  "In" is a verb.

5.  I fly over the hill. "fly" is a verb.

6.  The next sentence has two verbs: We eat and drink.

7.  The next sentence has two verbs:  Bob runs across the big field.


One great trick is to have a seating chart in a clear sheet protector on a clipboard. Use a dry erase marker to make a tally mark next to a student's name for each incorrect answer. You can use this information to reteach as necessary to individual students during step 5.