Mirror Variations

WBT All Stars use three mirrors.  In Mirror Words, as you’ve learned in the Beginner menu, students say our words and imitate our gestures.  In Magic Mirror (see next menu item) students say our words but create their own gestures.  In Silent Mirror, students mimic our gestures but don’t say our words.  One more time!


Mirror Words:  You speak and gesture; your kids repeat your words and gestures.

Magic Mirror:  You speak but don’t gesture; your kids repeat your words and create their own gestures.

Silent Mirror:  You speak and gesture; your kids say nothing but repeat your gestures.

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Silent Mirror

The special power of Silent Mirror is that kids improve their listening skills.  They focus intensely on what you’re saying, preparing to teach their neighbor your lesson.

Magic Mirror

In Magic Mirror, you speak slowly with your hands behind your back.  Kids repeat your words but create their own gestures.  Thus, if you’re telling a story about a mountain climbing expedition, kids create their own mountains in the air, imaginatively inventing gestures to illustrate key moments in the tale.  If you’re discussing Aboriginal life, students invent movements to bring your description to life.  An excellent variation of Magic Mirror, is to have one of your liveliest students stand beside you.  As you talk, she invents her own gestures, which the class mimics. 

Got a Beloved Rascal who loves attention?  Have a talk with her and say, “I’d love to see the gestures you would dream up if you were the Magic Mirror Leader.  If you could just follow the Diamond Rule a bit better, I’ll make it happen.  Whenever you want during recess, remind me how well you’re doing.”

When you alternate Magic Mirror with Silent Mirror and Mirror Words you have powerful, deeply engaging options, for delivering any lesson.



Truthfully, we overuse Mirror Words.  It’s irresistibly thrilling to have kids locked in to every word and gesture.  Want to be better than Coach B?  Use Silent Mirror and Magic Mirror frequently!