Beginner graphic.020

BEGINNER:  Student Engagement

As a new Wibbeteer, follow the steps on the game board above, the fundamental instructional moves for the Beginner level.

Attention Getter: at the start of a lesson. use Class 

or a variation to gain your students’ attention.

Option:  select one of two delivery choices, Mirror Words to present your lesson or Hands and Eyes to emphasize an important point.

Direct Instruction: deliver a short lesson, approximately a minute.  Remember, the longer you talk, the more kids you lose.

Collaborative Learning: use Teach-Okay to develop students’ oral language skills as they paraphrase your lesson.

Assessment: walk around the room, checking comprehension.  If students are generally successful, go on to your next point.  If your kids need a review, re-teach the lesson.  In either case, start the

four step pattern again.

Wibby:  Want to become a WBT Certified Instructor?  Play Wibby, our online, Certification game.


Note that the Beginner game board creatively combines two of the most well researched teaching strategies:  Direct Instruction and Collaborative Learning.