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Whole Brain Teaching: Beginner -Student Engagement

As a new Wibbeteer, follow steps 1-4 on the game board below, the fundamental instructional moves for the Beginner level.  Continue cycling though these four steps and you are well on your way to Teaching Heaven. Don't forget to use the Power Ups to add extra excitement!

  1. Attention Getter: at the start of a lesson. use Class Yes or a variation to gain your students’ attention.
  2. Mirror Words:  Use Mirror Words to present your lesson with 100% student engagement.
  3. Direct Instruction: deliver a short lesson, approximately a minute, on one new point. Remember, the longer you talk, the more kids you lose.
  4. Collaborative Learning: use Teach-Okay to develop students’ oral language skills as they paraphrase your lesson. During the Teach-Okay, walk around the room checking comprehension. If students are generally successful, go on to your next point. If your kids need a review, re-teach the lesson. In either case, start the four step pattern again.
  5. Character Education: Use the Please OK to encourage respect in the classroom. Manners helps to build a Respectcentric Classroom.
  6. Scoreboard: Motivate students using the Scoreboard game. It is infinitely changeable for year long motivation!

Wibby:  Want to become a WBT Certified Instructor?  Play Wibby, our online, Certification game.


Note that the Beginner game board creatively combines two of the most well researched teaching strategies:  Direct Instruction and Collaborative Learning.