Attention Getter: Class Yes

When we want our students’ attention, we say, “Class!” Our kids respond, “Yes!” If we say “Class! Class! Class!,” students answer,“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Pupils of every age quickly learn, and happily respond to, this call-out and its variations. Before long, if you exclaim, “Class Bazinga!,” your kids will exclaim “Yes Bazinga!” The more variety in your Attention Getter, the more engagement from your students. 

As your students gain familiarity with Class-Yes, emphasize these points. When they hear the Attention Getter, they should  quickly stop what they are doing, fold their hands, and look at you. Instead of expecting that students will master this routine, practice it several times a day.


Use Wrong Way-Right Way practice. Say, “I’m going to say Class! and you show me the wrong way to respond … slowly, don’t fold your hands or look at me.” 


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 6.32.49 PM

You’ll find students have no problem  demonstrating the Wrong Way to follow any procedure! Next, say, “That was excellently incorrect! Now, I’ll say Class! and show me the Right Way … quick, sharp, hands folded, laser eyes on me.”


Important point: whenever you have a classroom procedure that needs improving, employ the Right Way-Wrong Way strategy. Students demonstrate the wrong way of following the procedure, then the right way.

Here are 20 variations on Class-Yes.

1. Cowboy: Class Yee-haw! Your class responds, “Yes Yee-haw!”  

2. Backward Cowboy: Haw-yee Class!

3. Mouse: Class Squeaky!

4. Hipster: Yo Class!

5. Ninja: Class Saaaaa-eeee!

6. Gangster: Class Badda Boom!

7. Urban: Waz-up- wichoo Class!

8. Surfer: Gnarly Class!

9. Corny Surfer: Cowabunga Class!

10. Sweetie: Classy-Wassy- Dinkums!

11. Marine: Ooorah Class!

12. Sergeant: Class! Atten-hut!

13. Strict Teacher: Backs Straight Class!

14. 60’s Motown: Banana Fanna Class!

15. Cheerleader: Class Shacka Lacka!

16. Zombie: Yummy Nummy Class!

17. Lovey Dovey: Class Smoochy!

18. Lewis Carrol: Mimsey Class!

19. Hippie: Righteous Class!

20. Beatles: We all live in a yellow submarine, Class! (Your class responds, probably laughing, “We all live in a yellow submarine, yes!”)


Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 9.36.06 AM

The key to using these variations is not to employ them too frequently, about 3-5 times per day. Whenever you need a burst of merry attention, surprise your kids with a new, Class-Yes routine.