The Big, Beautiful Lesson

Of every subject in Whole Brain Teaching, we believe none is more important than manners. In our recent Facebook survey of 1,800 educators across the country, and around the world, 78% agreed that our primary instructional challenge is teaching disruptive kids, not low test scores or any other problem. This is astounding … teachers never agree about anything! You can read educators comments HERE … and add your own.


We believe improving classroom manners will go a long way in reducing incidents of disruptive, rude behavior. In place of asking kids to be polite, practice the following routine.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.18.23 AM

Please-Okay: Whenever you say “Please” make the OK symbol with your thumb and forefinger. Your students say “OK” and mimic your gesture.


Thank You-You’re Welcome: Whenever you say “Thank you” extend one hand, then the other, palm up. Your students respond “You’re welcome” and mirror your gesture.

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Occasionally, after saying “Thank you” fold your hands across your chest and sigh, happily, “Ah!” Your students respond “Ah!” and imitate your gesture. You and your class are exchanging a sweet Air Hug.

Repeat these manners routines frequently. You will be teaching your kids a big, beautiful lesson.

Click the link to see WBT staff member, Andre Deshotel, demonstrate our manners gestures with his middle school class.

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