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TOPIC: The Crazy Reading Professor-Faculty Meeting

The Crazy Reading Professor-Faculty Meeting 20 Feb 2010 01:43 #3012

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As the assitant principal in my building I rarely get the opportunity to get involved in academic areas. But recently my principal asked me to present some student engagment ideas at a faculty meeting. So I thought, Ok, you open the door and I'll kick it in with Whole Brain Teaching techniques/activities! I chose to present The Crazy Reading Professor since our major focus this year is reading instruction. Several teachers had questions about ADHD students and the noise involved, to which the reading specialists immediately anwered with "all students need to be auditorally immersed in good reading practice." I was thankful for that response. Additionally, the volume of the classroom is easily adjusted by the teacher. To view an effective way of approaching this watch The Crazy Reading Professor video under the videos tab.

To make a long story short, the very next day 4 teachers approached me with positive experiences and how much they felt the motor component was key to the students comprehension and engagement. What I didn't expect to hear was that they utilized it in Guided Reading groups. See, teachers who have a passion for the profession, will take what they learn and use their professional judgement to adapt things for their own classroom. I guess in summary, what's really necessary is student engagement...but also passionate professional teachers who care about their students.
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Rekstad is my hero 25 Feb 2010 02:51 #3048

  • Jackie
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That's REALLY exciting!! Often, the Crazy Professor Reading game is something that teachers are afraid to approach because it 'looks complicated'... when I teach a team of teachers about it, I have started to use Rekstad's video as an introduction, so they can see how it works before I teach them the steps or try to explain it. Rekstad's video (Rekstad you're my hero....) explains for itself!

You're making me think....I think I am going to request to be allowed to present Crazy Professor at a staff meeting coming up. Every time I share some WBT stuff, the teachers eat it up! :-D
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Re:The Crazy Reading Professor-Faculty Meeting 16 Mar 2010 00:49 #3095

  • ChrisRekstad
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Who would've thought that a simple video made so long ago would touch so many kids and motivate so many teachers. Ross it is super exciting to hear about your success with your colleagues, you are coming to Hemet aren't you? I would love to meet you outside of the forum.

Jackie thanks for the compliment, it does help to show them what the end result is first and then talk about it. We'll see you also in Hemet, it'll be great.
Chris Rekstad
Co-Founder, WBT
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