Wrong Way/Right  Way

Practice the Classroom Rules until all you have to do is call out a number and students immediately respond with the rule and the gesture. Reinforce their speed of response by marking positive or negative marks on the Scoreboard (see Scoreboard).

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Enhance your rehearsals by asking kids to demonstrate the Wrong Way, two grades lower, for following a particular rule. Then, ask for the Right Way, two grades higher.
For example, if your students are third graders, say, “Show me how first graders don’t keep their eyes on the target.
Go on … look around the room while I’m talking!
Yada, yada, yada … Excellent wrong behavior.

Now show me how fifth graders would sit up straight, hands folded, their eyes glued on me as I talk … yada, yada, yada … Outstanding fifth grade behavior! You win a Smiley mark!”
Never scold! 
Rehearse … and work that Scoreboard!!

Important point: Whenever you have a classroom procedure that needs improving, employ the Wrong Way-Right Way strategy.
Students demonstrate the wrong way of following the procedure, then the right way. 

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