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SEMI-DIVINE:  Exemplary Skills

Semi-Divine practitioners of Whole Brain Teaching discover a host of of wisdom treasures in Teaching Heaven: lessons in Character Education, Writing (Super Improver Writing, Genius Ladder, SuperSpeed Grammar), Reading (SuperSpeed Letters, SuperSpeed 100, SuperSpeed 1000, The Crazy Professor Reading Game) and Math (SuperSpeed Numbers, Smoothy Bumper Planet, SuperSpeed Math).  Unselfishly, Semi-Divine Wibbeteers bestow these wonders upon their mesmerized, young followers.


Oh listen!  The golden bells of Teaching Heaven ring out, as hardy Wibbeteers master Wibby, WBT's online certification game.


Do not activate the PowerUps below, unless your ticker can withstand sustained jolts of teaching joy.

Semi-Divine Online

Character Education Webcast Series

Super Improver Writing Webcast Series

Super Improver Writing in Kinder Webcast 1, 2, and 3

SuperSpeed 1000 in 6th grade

Crazy Professor Reading Game in 2nd grade and 4th grade