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With best seller, Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids and joy-filled classrooms in 150 countries, 80,000 Facebook Likes, and 8,000,000 YouTube views, Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) is one of the world’s most popular instructional systems.

The object of Whole Brain Teaching: FastTrack: Seven Steps to Teaching Heaven is straightforward: to increase student effort by rewarding for improvement, not ability, in academic skills and social behavior.

When you reward for improvement, all students, special needs to gifted, run a race they can win... because their only competitor is themselves. A massive revision of previous WBT strategies, Fast Track condenses our huge website,, ebooks, and videos into a powerful new synthesis... compact, brain friendly, Funtricity charged.

In Step 1, you’ll discover how to employ powerful classroom graphics to reward every student, special ed to gifted, for improvement, not ability, in academic talents and social skills.
Classroom Super Improvers, week one: page 5, Fast Track

Classroom Super Improvers, after two weeks: page 6, Fast Track

Classroom Graphic, Upper Grades, page 10, Fast Track
In Step 2 of our journey, lay the foundation for the year with simple but powerful Character Education strategies. Among other techniques you'll learn:
  1.  Please-Okay : When you say “Please” and extend your arms to your kids, kids respond, “Okay” and extend their arms to you.
  1.  Thank you-You're Welcome: When you say “Thank you” and place your hands over your heart, kids respond, “You’re welcome” and place their hands over their hearts. 
During Step 3, you’ll learn, among other strategies, the three, basic Whole Brain techniques:
  • Class-Yes:  As an Attention Getter, you say “Class!,” students reply “Yes!”
  • Mirror Words:  As a Brain Engager, you say “MIrror Words” and students respond “Mirror Words.”  They repeat your words and mimic your illustrative gestures as you guide them, via Direct Instruction, through one point in your lesson.
  • Teach-Okay:  For Collaborative Learning, you clap twice and say, “Teach!”  Students clap twice, respond, “Okay!” and paraphrase your lesson over and over until you call them.  See the pattern below.
In Step 4, discover remarkable new ways to link Whole Brain Teaching's famous classroom rules to Character Education
  • Rule 1:  Follow directions quickly!
  • Rule 2:  Raise your hand for permission to speak.
  • Rule 3:  Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.
  • Rule 4:  Make smart choices:  Glorious Kindness (M), Leadership (T), Courage (W), Invincible Grit (Th), Creativity (F)
  • Rule 5:  Keep our dear learning community happy!
  • Diamond Rule:  Keep your eyes on the target.
Watch Heidi Martin's Rules Video, click here .
Over the last 20 years, we’ve discovered, after thousands of hours of classroom experiments, that teachers need two motivators, one that pushes kids to break personal records, the other that inspires the class to work as a team. But isn’t that the secret of a life well lived? We must nourish personal growth and learn to work for group success. Super Improvers, explored in Step 1, motivates individual development. Each student’s achievement is marked by a trail of improver stars, continuously rewarding for surpassing their previous best effort. Step 5's Scoreboard motivates teamwork. With our vastly simplified classroom game, kids learn mutual support, the delights of coordinated teamplay, the ability to effectively contribute to a community.
Here's the question, can your ticker take the thrill of exploring our three, most powerful strategies for reforming Bleoved Rascals?

Flight School   Flight School, page 80, Fast Track  

Practice Cards Practice Cards, page 82, Fast Track

Bullseye: Reward for honest self evaluation
  • Play two months after Christmas!
  • Large, colorful sign
  • Student scores behavior/ teacher scores behavior
  • If student score matches teacher = 2 Super Improver Stars
  • If student misses teacher score by 1 = 1 Super Improver star
  • Otherwise, no Stars ... play again tomorrow!
  • If student is not able to match scores or, over a week, unable to improve behavior, let her/him choose one Rule to improve and play twice, or more often, per day.
BullsEye graphic, pg. 85, Fast Track.
Here are three PowerUps to add whenever you wish  to your Whole Brain Teaching journey (many more are include in Whole Brain Teaching Fast Track).

Student Effort Average: An optional, but crucial PowerUp for building a WBT team, is to weekly calculate Student Effort Averages (SEA). Every Friday, each instructor, using an online spreadsheet, scores students 5-0, based upon how quickly they follow directions. If teachers have multiple classes, they select their average squad, neither the best nor worst. Learn more here.

Oral Writing: Brainies When students are involved in Teach-Okay, they develop writing skills by using Brainy gestures.  Here is the suggested sequence: capital letter (lift one hand above the other), period (jut out hand and say “ert!), because (clap hands once), and (roll fist the air), comma (make a comma in the air and say “zoop!”)  Add others as desired. Watch Heidi Martin’s demonstration of basic Brainies here. Learn more here.

Secondary Leadership Training To vastly simplify the challenge of teaching teens, WBT’s initial secondary goal is to reach the three to five kids in every group who control classroom atmosphere … the Alpha Leaders.  The more strongly Alphas support your mission, the more successful your lessons.
Check out this folder for upgrades, not included in Whole Brain Teaching: Fast Track. 

Grade Level Questions?
Ask a WBT Executive Board member!
K-1:  Andrea Schindler
2-3:  Nancy Stoltenberg
4-5:  Stacey Byl
6-12:  Andre Deshotel

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  1. I just finished reading Fast Track. I love the updates you have added since I read the original book. I have been using WBT in my classroom for several years now and had purchased the classroom rules posters. I would love to be able to get updated posters for Rule #5 and Diamond Rule.

    1. The updated posters are available on the Teachers Pay Teachers website from the Whole Brain Teaching Official Store. 🙂

  2. I can’t thank you enough for your insight and support!
    Amazing. I only wish I heard of you earlier in my career…more happy kids and much happier teacher!

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