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Long ago, before the foundation of Teaching Heaven, there were four brothers and one sister.  The brothers were Leadership, Courage, Invincible Grit, and Creativity.  The sister was Kindness and she, wonderfully enough, was all bird.


As families will, they argued which sibling was the greatest.


Brother Leadership said, "I am the greatest because without me, people would have no direction, would wander around, bumping into each other."

Brother Courage said, "I am the greatest, because without me, people would be cowardly, afraid to stand up to bullies."

Brother Grit said, "I am certainly the greatest, because without me, people would be quitters ... one failure would make them give up."

Brother Creativity said, "I am obviously the greatest, because without me people would wither from boredom and make no progress."

Sister Kindess said, "I agree with my brothers.  Each of you is great.  But without Kindess, Leadership could become become a tyrant, Courage could become cruel, Grit could be become a determined crook, Creativity could design new, terrible weapons.  Dear brothers, if you will let me, Kindness, be your leader then we can build a great city ... where children will learn a wondrous truth.

Kindness, Kindness alone!, makes all virtues golden."