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Play Wibby, advancing from Bronze to Silver to Gold levels, and become a Whole Brain Teaching Certified Instructor.  Frequently on your journey, you will catch dazzling glimpses of Teaching Heaven.


As a Gold Certified WBT Instructor you will enormously increase your instructional skills and have the option of training other educators in cutting edge Whole Brain Teaching strategies.  In addition, you will be invited to participate in our national conferences, be involved in the design and implementation of the newest WBT techniques and  ... your videos will be viewed by thousands of educators worldwide.


Finally, most crucially, as a WBT Gold Certified Instructor, you will need a new pair of pants, because your back pocket will bulge with strategies for Beloved Rascals.

The whole trip is self-paced and free!
At your own speed, complete the following steps in order.

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Sign up for Schoology:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Sign Up” at the top
  3. Choose “Student”
  4. Enter the code 69PV8-4PZP9
  5. Enter your information, include your state or country in parenthesis after your last name ex: Ann Smith (CA), Diego Luna (Mexico)
  6. Be sure to enter your school as "Whole Brain Teaching".
  7. Once logged in, click “Courses” at the top and choose the WBT Bronze Certification course.


Play our new online certification game, Wibby, exploring material on our website, 

Your task is to complete each challenge in 5 minutes.  The required scores are:

  • Beginner:  25 out of 50
  • Intermediate:  30 out of 50
  • Advanced:  35 out of 50
  • Legendary:  40 out of 50
  • Semi-Divine:  45 out of 50

Each challenge includes questions from previous levels.


Important:  When you achieve the required score, email to be invited to the Silver Level in Schoology.  Repeat each game as often as necessary.


Once you’ve successfully completed the Semi-Divine Challenge, do your Happy Dance.  You’ve climbed one step closer to Teacher Heaven.  Check out the Certified Whole Brain Teachers page  to see your name on the Bronze Leaderboard!


Special consideration for advancement to Silver and Gold will be given to those who receive Honors with high average scores on Bronze games.  Your name will appear in the following colors on the Bronze Leaderboard: 

Etheria Summa Cum Laude Squared: 100%

Etheria Summa Cum Laude: 95%

Summa Cum Laude: 90%

Cum Laude:  85%

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Once you have earned Bronze Certification, you will receive directions for writing a well-composed essay applying for Higher Training.  Mention any Honors (see above) you received on Bronze games.  Email your essay to Nancy Stoltenberg, Director of Certification, at

If accepted, you win a WBT Guide!


Your Guide will email you directions for completing the Silver Schoology course, involving essay questions and short classroom videos.  You will work closely with your WBT Guide to successfully complete all assignments. Upon completion of the course, if you’ve kept your Guide sufficiently happy, your name will be inscribed on the Silver Leaderboard., with your self chosen moniker (for example, Jack "Wild Boy" Yeats or Ann "Golden Salamander" Jones).


Color coded Honors are available on the Silver level based upon your completion of short but excellent videos, Exemplary Video-minies.

Etheria Summa Cum Laude Squared: 5 Exemplary Videttes

Etheria Summa Cum Laude: 3 Exemplary Videttes

Summa Cum Laude: 2 Exemplary Videttes

Cum Laude:  1 Exemplary Videttes


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With guidance from your Mentor, complete the Gold Schoology course and work towards creating an Exemplary Video. Creating the video is an arduous process which not only significantly expands your WBT skills but also causes sleepless nights.


View a sample Exemplary Video by Stephanie Meder, Gold Certified WBT Instructor, class of 2016.


Upon acceptance, we will publish your video on Youtube  and publicize it around the world. Trumpets sound in Teaching Heaven as your name is inscribed on the Gold Leaderboard.


To encourage your continued growth as a WBT Instructor, over the course of your career you can earn Honors based upon continued production of 10-15 minute Exemplary Videos.

Etheria Summa Cum Laude Squared: 7 Exemplary Videos

Etheria Summa Cum Laude: 5 Exemplary Videos

Summa Cum Laude: 3 Exemplary Videos

Cum Laude: 2 Exemplary Videos


Setting Forth

After you study the Beginner Level at, register at Schoology (see above) … and start Wibby.  Play your way to Educational Enlightenment.


Email questions to


Note: If you already started the Certification process during Certification 2.0, great! All points earned will transfer over to the new system. Contact to learn more.