First Words

WBT 2nd ed


With five best sellers, joy-filled classrooms in 100+ countries, 100,000 Facebook Likes, 200,000 podcast downloads, 10,000,000 YouTube views and education’s largest library of classroom videos, Whole Brain Teaching (WBT) is one of the world’s premier instructional systems.

As you’ll discover, the modular approach of Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids: 2nd edition  simplifies classroom implementation. Select only the strategies that work for you, proceed at a pace best for your kids... resist, as necessary, the concern that other Whole Brain Teaching instructors do things differently. Wear your bonnet however you wish. Every hat in the WBT crowd is one of a kind.


Our guiding principles:

  • Teach the joy of living for others.
  • Make every kid a winner by rewarding for improvement, not ability.
  • Talk less, teach more.
  • “Consequences” must strengthen bonds, not sever them.

Supremely engaging instruction involves reasoning, seeing, speaking, hearing, moving, and dice rolls.
WBT’s formula for classroom management: Only connect.
– E. M. Forester