Departmentalized Super Improver®

Rewarding for growth instead of attainment

AlphaHawk Rising (AlphaR), WBT’s new motivational game for departmentalized instruction, checks the boxes.

  • Lots of kids?  AlphaR works marvelously whether you have 30 students or 200.
  • Listless engagement?  Locks, levels, dice rolls, cascades of points, multi-team competition … AlphaR transforms your class into a living video game.
  • Have tons of material to cover?  Go ahead … lecture.  Whenever you need a student energy booster, turn on AlphaR simply by lifting a clipboard.
  • Hungry for kids who care about your subject? In AlphaR, students perform teacher mesmerizing, critical thinking feats … asking great questions about your lessons.
  • Tired of life in Scolding City?  Not happy with a squad?  Bench them for a few days … while they watch friends win.
  • Got kids with learning problems?  AlphaR is perfectly inclusive, not rewarding for ability but improvement.
  • Dreading second semester? AlphaR builds toward huge jackpots, occurring exactly when you need them … January to June.
  • Concerned your kids won’t dig AlphaR?  Cards on the table … teens won’t dig anything you do.  However, they don’t like the idea of being on the Bench while friends in other periods make Varsity

Change your periods into teams.  Kids can handle anything … except seeing their opponents win.


Got a group that’s lackadaisical?  No scolding.  Period 6 comes to class, discovering they’ve been benched.  Of course, they already heard the news from the rest of the league.


Build toward huge, hysterically intense, dice-rolling jackpots!

Download the free game and instructions here.