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You’re a beginning teacher, even better, a beginning WBT teacher. Let’s simplify your life. Put your lessons on index cards. Here’s a set for the classroom rules.

Each step of the Magic Circle has its own card. The lesson goes on card 4 where each point is repeated twice. Why? Kids need to hear new materials many, many times... start with twice.


As you teach, page through the cards, one at a time.

After card 5, while kids are engaged in Teach-Okay, walk the room checking comprehension. Give side hugs and other affection, especially to kids who self-scored a 1 or 2 on Fiver [website link] the last time they entered the classroom. Praise students who are enthusiastically rehearsing the lesson with a neighbor; prompt kids who are less than energetic. Move on! These check-ins with pupils typically don’t last more than 5-10 seconds with the overall span between card 5 and card 1 not much more than a minute.

If your comprehension check revealed that kids understood the card 4 lesson, then add a new lap around the Magic Circle and the next item on card 4. If understanding was spotty, reteach.

Lengthy lesson plans are shrunk to card 4s!

Discover more Lesson Template wonders in Chapter 24, Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids: 2nd edition.

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