Social Skills: AlphaHawk Wall

Simple strategies to embed Social/Emotional Learning into every lesson, everyday.

Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, your Beloved Grandmother were AlphaHawks, blessed souls who lived for others.

AlphaHawks are virtuous role models, life guides.

Start every Monday by talking about your AlphaHawk.*  Tell stories about how your AlphaHawk guided you through troubled times.  Conclude your tales by saying, "I'm going to teach this week in a way that would make my AlphaHawk proud!"  Bringing the AlphaHawk's spirit into your classroom creates a loving, generous, learning community.


Invite students to bring in pictures of their AlphaHawk, or make drawings of them, and hang them on your AphaHawk wall.

Reference the wall when discussing smart choices with your pupils. Say, "What advice would your AlphaHawk give you right now?" or "What do you think your AlphaHawk would do?"


AlphaHawks provide kids the moral compass they need to guide them along life's thorny paths. You can have more than one!