Beloved Rascals: BullsEye Game

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Our most popular, powerful Beloved Rascal Transformer … since 2005!


Post the Bullseye.  

– In one-on-one sessions with your Beloved Rascal (BR), talk about the difference between classroom Wrong Way Turtle choices (score of 1)  and Right Way AlphaHawk choices (score of 5) .  

– At the end of the day, each of you write down the score of the BR’s choices (without letting the other see).  

– If the scores match, your Rascal wins a Super Improver point and a dice roll for a bonus point to award to an improving teammate.  (A roll of 1-3 wins; a roll of 4-5 is loses, you and the Player chant, “We’ve got Grit!  We don’t Quit!”; a 6 is a re-roll.

– If the scores are one point apart, your Rascal wins one Super Improver point but no dice roll.

Otherwise … no Star, no dice roll.


Rationale?  Kids are rewarded for honest self evaluation … rare even in adults.


Occasionally, Rascals try to con the game … behaving poorly and then being “honest” about their poor choices at the end of the day.

Say, “We’re now on Level 2.  If I score you a 1, no Stars for you. Welcome to my world, little friend!”