Beloved Rascals: Flight School

Flight School

To reduce Blurting, or any other negative classroom behavior, prominently post a large Flight School sign.

Day One:  Practice

  1. Explain that Flight School is where Players learn to fly right.
  2. In the blanks, insert the Rule number (for example 2) and the number of seconds, begin with 15.
  3. When kids blurt put one or more Xs in the Flight School.  Explain that blurters will spend 15 seconds at recess rehearsing the Rule 2 gesture with you … BUT NOT TODAY … TODAY WAS PRACTICE

Day Two

  1. Kids see there are some Xs already in Flight School.  You say, “Even after practice, some of my friends still had problems with blurting (don’t name them).  If I see improvement, I’ll erase part of the X.  If their X is completely erased, they don’t need flying practice. Being mysterious solves the massive problem of lighting a Rascal’s fuse … and makes everyone wonder who got Xed.
  2. At recess, take the Rascal(s) aside.  Explain that you aren’t angry. Everyone needs practice at something.  Set the timer for 15 seconds; you and the Rascal(s) take turns rehearsing Rule 2 and its gesture.
  3. If the Rascal has a meltdown, hold up the timer and say, “I see that you’re not happy.  You can be upset for 60 seconds and then go to recess … or you can practice Rule 2 for 15 seconds and go to recess … your choice.”
  4. After lunch, kids see one or more Xs in Flight School.  Say, “Some of my friends still need Flight School practice…not necessarily, but possibly, the ones who practiced at first recess.  However, improve in raising your hand for permission to speak and I’ll erase your X.”
  5. Every week, increase the time in Flight School by 15 seconds to a maximum of 2 minutes after 8 weeks.  Two minutes feels like eternity for kids.

– Key … don’t use Flight School until you’ve practiced the Rule 2 Callout for weeks (see Classroom Rules) .