Social Skills

Simple strategies to embed Social/Emotional Learning into every lesson, everyday.

The highest goal for teachers is not academic instruction but raising our students to be virtuous young adults. In Whole Brain Teaching, we do not believe Character Education can be taught as a unit, a subject among other subjects, but must be infused into daily life.  If assemblies and mottos perfected students' moral skills, we would have no rude kids. Children bully each other under anti-bullying posters.


Character Education is the golden thread woven throughout WBT.

Click on any of the images below to learn more about weaving social skills throughout every lesson every day.

WBT Basics 1

Build Social Skills with Fiver, Cheery Dice, and Fiver Plus. Help students learn to recognize, reflect, and improve their mood.

Build teacher-student bonds with the AlphaHawk Wall while inspiring students to make smart choices.

Weave virtue into every content area, teaching character education all day long with the Virtue Calendar.

Dramatically improve student-to-student bonds, while also practicing the daily virtues, with Peace Circle.

Social Skills PowerUps