Glorious Kindness Academy

Whole Brain Teaching Glorious Kindness Academy
The goal of the WBT Glorious Kindness Academy (GKA) is to spread Kindness around the world.
Once a week, students hold meetings and discuss a three part question, "How can we spread Glorious Kindness at our school, at home, and in our community?"
Campuses score points based upon the number of students attending each meeting.  Thus, if 10 students attend a GKA meeting in the first week of February, the school earns 10 points for that week.
Email the meeting's results and the weekly points earned.  To insure accurate totals, submit a group photo of everyone attending. Color coded icons on the GKA map below indicate each school's weekly points on our Glorious Kindness map.Standings will be posted on our GKA Facebook page.