Social Skills: Virtue Calendar

Simple strategies to embed Social/Emotional Learning into every lesson, everyday.

WBT VIrtue Calendar

Each day, discuss the daily virtue with your students. Talk about ways you can exemplify that virtue. Reward improvement in that virtue with a star on their Super Improver Card. Include the daily virtue in math story problems, writing prompts, and when analyzing characters in a story. Help students to identify these virtues in concrete specific ways - not just during a typical one a week character lesson, but everyday, in every lesson. Learn more in our Character Ed program download.Get your own copy of the Virtue Calendar here.

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Glorious Kindness Monday

Glorious Kindness Monday 2

Positive Leadership Tuesday

Positive Leadership Tuesday 2

Selfless Courage Wednesday

Selfless Courage Wednesday 2

Invincible Grit Thursday

Invincible Grit Thursday 2

Brainy Creativity Friday

Brainy Creativity Friday 2

Here’s a sample lesson from Chapter 15, Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids: 2nd edition.

Monday: Glorious Kindness

Gesture: Make a heart with your hands.

Activities: Take 30 second breaks when kids praise each other as in Peace Circle (website link).  Model examples of when to say, “Thank you-You’re welcome,” and “Please” hands extended. Highlight activities where students demonstrate Glorious Kindness by helping each other. Talk about examples of Glorious Kindness in daily life, movies, TV, books. Because they live for others, place special emphasis on AlphaHawks. Point out that Jilly in the poster says “Speak happy”... in other words, bring everyone gladness by speaking in a lilting tone.

Once upon a time: Kids tell each other a story about Tilly, Jilly, and Glorious Kindness. The tales should involve examples of characters saying “Please, thank you, you’re welcome.”

Super Improver®: Reward improvement in any of the above activities with a Super Improver® point and a bonus dice roll.