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Virtual Conferences

Register below to participate in any of our FREE virtual conferences for all K-12 educators. Each 30 minute session will be led by a Certified Whole Brain Teaching Executive Board Member or Staff Member. Learn and ask questions ... live!


  • Sessions will start at the time listed. After five minutes, no one else will be allowed entrance.
  • Videos of sessions will not be posted. They are designed to be interactive, so please register to join in!
  • Session will be posted on Fridays for the following week.
  • Space in each session is limited to allow for questions and answers. Please make sure if you register that you are able to attend! Otherwise you take the place of someone else.
  • Buttons below are manually changed from "Register" to "Sold Out". If someone cancels their ticket, it is possible that the button will still say "Sold Out" even if there is a ticket available from a cancellation. Click it and check, you may happily find yourself able to get in.
  • Once registered, you will receive an email from an Eventbrite with access links to the digital event. Make sure you are logged into your browser with the same email address you used to register for the session. In Chrome, click the circle icon in the upper right corner of your browser to check. You can "+Add" a profile if this isn't the email address you used to register. If you have any trouble go directly to Eventbrite and login to access the links directly.

WBT Basics: Brainies and Triple Whammy Writing with Sarah Meador

Monday July 6, 2pm PST / 4pm CST (One hour session)

Character Education: Peace Circle with Stacey Byl

Tuesday July 7, 10am PST / 12pm CST

WBT Basics: Overview for Beginners with David Domena

Tuesday July 7, 11am PST / 1pm CST

How do I use WBT with...centers? labs? projects? with Sarah Meador

Tuesday July 7, 12pm PST / 2pm CST (One hour session)

Classroom Rules: Intro and Implementation with Nancy Stoltenberg

Part 1: Introduction Tuesday July 7, 1pm PST / 3pm CST

Part 2: Implementation Wednesday July 8, 1pm PST / 3pm CST

WBT Basics: Overview for Beginners with Nancy Stoltenberg

Wednesday July 8, 9am PST / 11am CST

WBT Basics: Overview for Beginners with Nancy Stoltenberg

Wednesday July 8, 11am PST / 1pm CST

I've Taken the Basics Beginner Course, Now What? with Heidi Martin

Wednesday July 8, 12pm PST / 2pm CST

Character Education: The Five virtues with Julie Neff

Thursday July 9, 9am PST / 11am CST

PowerUps: Intro to WBT Certification with Nancy Stoltenberg

Thursday July 9, 10am PST / 12pm CST

WBT Basics: Lesson Chunks and Gestures with Sarah Meador

Thursday July 9, 11am PST / 1pm CST

PowerUps: Setting up a virtual WBT classroom with Stacey Byl

Thursday July 9, 12pm PST / 2pm CST

Check back often as more conferences are added all the time. To schedule your own conference, have an admin fill out a training request.