In the Spring of 2022, we conducted a nationwide survey on our Facebook pages. We asked teachers to count the number of times kids blurted in 15 minutes (without telling students about the tallying).

Astonishingly, the nationwide average was 30... a blurt every 30 seconds!!!

You’re teaching a lesson on phonics. Wild Jack blurts, “My birth- day’s next week!” You stop teaching, tell the lively boy to wait for sharing time. Meanwhile, Tilly’s feet start dancing. Harry drums his fingers on his head. LaDonna volunteers that she wants to be a DJ. Somehow, you get back to phonics. Every. 30. Seconds.

There is a better way.
Play Blurty.

1.  On a Monday, Tell kids you're going to tally mark every blurt during one minute of instruction. Respond to Blurts with the Rule 2 callout (website link to rules).

2.  Afterwards, reveal the total and ask for discussion about how to improve.

3.  Then, divide the class into Blue Wolves and Green Wolves (with an equal number of Beloved Rascals on each side ... without revealing this to kids).

4.  At least five times per day, all week, set a visible timer for a minute.  Tally the blurts from each team.  The team with the fewest blurts gets to line up first for the next recess (or whenever they leave the room.)

5.  Recalculate the total blurts the following Monday during one minute of instruction.

As you move forward, increase the timer from one minute to two minutes, etc.