Beloved Rascals: Rascal X

Rascal X

There are two types of Beloved Rascals, Disruptors and Secretors.

  • Disruptors create frequent outbursts ranging from speaking out of turn to
    rolling on the floor, screaming, trashing the classroom. Disruptors are
    sent to the office without positive effect.
  • Secretors are locked
  • in their shells, silent, unresponsive, living inside hidden worlds.  Secretors, a more serious case, go unnoticed year after year because they trouble no one.

As different as they are, both varieties of Rascals share a common trait. They live behind walls. Many Disruptors and Secretors will not answer a question, follow a direction, return a grin for a grin. The kids are so walled off, they won’t make eye contact. We cannot help students improve their behavior if they won’t talk to us. We reach their hearts, by reaching into our own. We’ll start by nourishing two relationships: Teacher-Student and Student-Student.

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Rascal X
Rascal X