Build bonds with students who resist bond building


Because of years of sustained stress, and the inclination of her personality, Silent Tasha is withdrawn from the world. She lacks stable bonds with caregivers and, let us say, has moved so often, does not have the considerable social skills needed to make new friends. Tasha appears to have two emotional states, pre-alarm and alarm. She is one of the growing number of kids who elope, dash out of the classroom.

According to Lauren A. Phillips of the University of Nebraska, “Elopement occurs in about 34% of individuals diagnosed with intel- lectual or developmental disabilities and in about 49% of individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.”

You won’t make much progress with Silent Tasha or, frankly any student, if they won’t look at you, return a smile, or respond to leading questions.

For additional details, see Chapter 18:  Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids: 2nd edition