The Brain on WBT

The Brain on WBT
  1. Class-Yes: Our Attention Getter activates the prefrontal, visual, and motor cortices. Think of this strategy as a light switch that must be turned on for the brain to process information.
  2. Classroom Rules: When rehearsed and used in class, our classroom rules involve the prefrontal, visual, and motor cortices, Broca’s area, Wernicke’s area, the limbic system, and hippocampus. Creating increasingly stable neural connections, kids learn one of education’s foundational lessons... the unique patterns of positive classroom behavior.
  3. Teach-Okay: Students engage all the major brain areas with Teach-Okay, activating Broca’s area as they speak, Wernicke’s area as they listen, the visual and motor cortices as they see and make gestures. These  brain regions powerfully stimulate the hippocampus to form long term memories.
  4. Super Improver®: Keying directly into the dopamine producing nucleus accumbens, Super Improver® transforms the classroom into a living video game where students are rewarded for improvement not ability. Gifted kids are electrically motivated when they see themselves fall behind Special Ed students.
  5. Mirror Words: Magically synching the minds of Whole Brain Teachers with Whole Brain Students, Mirror Words is the prime instructional technique in Teaching Heaven.
Wandering Mind

According to neuroscientists, our minds wander half the time we’re awake. In tests on the length of website attention span, the Wandering Mind has wings, flitting from here to there to elsewhere every few seconds. Yes, dear colleague, you often have a class full of Winged Wandering Minds.  What to do?  Understand the deep engagement produced by the Game Mind.

Game Mind

The Game Mind only requires 5% more energy than normal activities, activates every brain area, produces intense engagement , and, via the nucleus accumbens, pumps skulls full of dopamine, the brain’s pleasure chemical.  Whole Brain Teaching’s  formula for teaching success: transform Wandering Mind, via WBT entertainments, into Game Mind.