WBT Basics PowerUps: Power Pix

At the start of the year, you taught your kids a lovely, well organized lesson on table of contents.  They completed worksheets and a follow up test.  You went home tired, but satisfied.   “Ah!  We’ve got table of contents down pat!”

Two weeks later you ask the class to open their books to the table of contents.  They look at you as if you’d requested they fly over the moon.

In Whole Brain Teaching, every core concept we cover, table of contents, author, prime number, chronological order, is represented by a Power Pix.

Each Power Pix links a concept related question, “What is an author” to an answer, “An author writes the words of a book, story, or poem.” Every answer is illustrated by a gesture, (make a writing motion in the air.) Power Pix are then placed on the wall for ongoing review (blue background for language arts, red background for math, green background for science).


To view our collection of Power Pix, click here.

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