Super Improver: AlphaHawk Island

Rewarding for growth instead of attainment

AlphaHawk Island

The Legend of AlphaHawk Island

Long ago, just as now, people treated animals cruelly, hunted them, kept them as slaves in their homes ... even ate them!! 

Thirteen tribes of animals escaped to a beautiful, green island.

The slowest animals, Turtles, Penguins, Kangaroos and Pandas settled in the Lowlands

Faster animals, Wolves, Tigers, Cheetahs, and Marlins, settled in the Midlands.

The fastest animals, tribes of Hawks, settled in the Highlands.

The speediest animals alive, the Peregrine Falcons, settled on a mountain top they named Peregrine Peak.

Hearing about the wondrous society of 13 Animal Tribes, a visitor, Coach B, traveled far and further than far to the hidden island.

He taught the 13 tribes of animals to speak a magical new language … Brainy Talk.  Brainy Talk was magical because the more you talked, the smarter you became!!!  Oooh!! 

Coach B, and all the 13 Animal Tribes, wisely vowed to teach Brainy Talk to every visitor.

Guess what?? You and your friends win a trip to AlphaHawk Island!!! Everyone begins as a Turtle, but dreams of flying with the Falcons.

AlphaHawk Island
AlphaHawk Island

AlphaHawk Island, played in coordination with AlphaHawk Super Improvers®,  rewards individual players and their team for growth in academic and social skills.

Learn how to play AlphaHawk Island, and download all parts of the game for free, here.