WBT Writing

Whole Brain Teaching's BUILDING SENTENCES, a revolutionary writing game, powerfully develops your K-8 students' understanding of nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, and adverbs.

While playing, kids discover the crucial difference between independent and dependent clauses, develop the habit of composing grammatically perfect sentences ... all while productively fretting over the neatness of their compositions!

After years of classroom experiments, WBT educators discovered that the simplest way to motivate maximum effort is to turn writing into a game that any student can win. If we reward for ability, as is traditionally the case, then the most talented kids succeed, while middle and bottom kids lose. BUILDING SENTENCES transforms composition into an entertaining activity that rewards for improvement, making every student a winner.

Super Improver Writing, under development for over a decade, presents a complete course in persuasive, expository, and narrative writing.

Students advance from game to game, perfecting one composition skill at a time. Moving from topic sentences, to paragraphs, to tightly organized essays containing in-text citations, the Super Improvers Writing game builds student confidence in constructing five paragraph college style compositions … even, unbelievably, in kindergarten!

The result of over a decade of classroom testing and development, the Brainy Game will powerfully increase your K-12 students’ writing, critical thinking, and speaking skills.

Based upon a revolutionary system that turns clear thinking into a hilarious, race against the clock, the Brainy Game works marvelously for any grade, any subject, any student, Special Ed to Gifted.

The 190 page ebook contains a complete description of one of the most ambitious and revolutionary of any of Whole Brain Teaching strategies.

**As a special bonus, The Brainy Game features an extended description of how to teach your students two of the most difficult skills in Common Core tests: composing effective topic sentences and citing supporting quotations from a text.

This latest edition of WBT’s K-12 writing system covers all the bases! Simple, complex, compound and topic sentences, tightly focused paragraphs and essays, brainstorming, proofreading, scaffolding from easier to more complex assignments, neatness (!), sentence variety, lessons on nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions, appositives, motivation to work hard … EVERYTHING!  Bringing together our most popular, classroom tested strategies, Oral Writing, SuperSpeed Grammar, the Genius Ladder, Triple Gold Sentences (Triple Whammy), Red Green Proofreading, the Super Improvers Team, with new techniques for brainstorming and pre-constructed multi-media assignments, “Whole Brain Writing” creates a unified, highly engaging program for beginning to advanced writers.

Check out the newest upgrades to the Triple Whammy Writing program, here. You can also click here and here to see a sample five step lessons in a middle school science class where beginning triple whammy sentences and Brainies are woven into the content.

Whole Brain Teaching’s K-12 Genius Ladder is an incredible, easy to implement activity that builds students’ thinking, speaking and writing skills. Your kids will learn articles, nouns, verbs, adjectives, prepositional phrases, topic sentences, details sentences … all while mastering the art of creating tightly organized paragraphs!

Want a super size order of learning fun? Here’s 600 PowerPoint slides guiding your kids through some of the most challenging material in elementary school … grammar! Electronic SuperSpeed Grammar, illustrated with hundreds of high quality, cartoon graphics, covers: nouns, verbs, sentences, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, prepositional phrases, pronouns, articles, conjunctions AND appositives! The program is lively and colorful; your kids will feel like they’re reading a comic book instead of studying grammar.