Character Education

Since the days of Plato, philosophers and educators have designed Character Education programs.


In Whole Brain Teaching, we have selected Five Virtues appropriate to the modern world:  Kindness, Leadership, Courage, Invincible Grit, and Creativity.  We chose these virtues for three reasons:


First, they establish a moral foundation for a classroom society.


Second, students can apply these values to life outside school.


Finally, most crucially, we found our set of Five Virtues can be easily translated into entertaining activities … not mere slogans.  Kids learn the most when they have the most fun learning.  We believe the best way to teach moral behavior is through Character Education games.


Our ebook, a 10 week course, describes how our Five Virtues can practiced daily in the classroom.  In addition, you'll find substantial descriptions of how the virtues can be integrated into lessons on writing, reading, and math.


If your ticker can take amazing improvement in classroom behavior, click the image below.