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LEGENDARY:  Lesson Design

To attain the exalted rank of Legendary Wibbeteer, you must discover the powers of our Five Step Lessons and the incredible, teach-anything game, CodeBreaker.  Note the special bonus on the Collaborative Learning square above.  If you clap twice and say, "Teach," as always, your kids clap twice, respond "Okay!" and paraphrase your lesson to a neighbor.  However, as a Legendary Wibbetteer, you have a new strategy.  If you clap twice and say, "Brainies!," your kids clap twice, say "Okay!" and use Brainy gestures while paraphrasing your lesson.   Thus, whenever you wish, your students build Oral Writing skills which will significantly improve their compositions.


Five Step Lessons are ideal for teaching core concepts, noun, verb, author, prime number, skip counting, chronological order, equation, ecosystem, etc.  CodeBreaker provides a simple format for transforming any PowerPoint slide, diagram, organization chart, outline, list of bullet points, map, into an engaging game.


You'll know you're getting somewhere when you've mastered the Legendary level of Wibby, our online, WBT Certification game.