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One of our first ebooks, “The Crazy Professor Reading Game” has also been one of our most popular. Used by thousands of K-12 teachers across the country, the Crazy Professor is designed to deepen students’ reading comprehension of both fiction and nonfiction. In a gamelike format, your kids learn to paraphrase, translate ideas into gestures, skim read for key ideas, connect their reading to personal experiences, and much more!

Teach young learners sight words with Biffytoons cartoons.
This ebook is packed! 48 full color cartoons, 48 line drawings, 48 mini-cartoons and Biffytoons Bingo … a host of features introduce new readers to the most common words in English.
You can also use the electronic version and project it onto a screen for the whole class to play as a team.
The easy way to teach beginning readers the alphabet and letter sounds.
Whole Brain Teaching SuperSpeed games are played with the basic idea that kids do something for one minute to set their record. Then they do the same task again for one minute, trying to beat their record.
Setting and breaking personal records is the goal!
Connect SuperSpeed games to the Super Improver Team for added bonus!
New readers learn 100 (or 1000 for higher  readers) of the most common sight words, while having a blast!
You can also use the 100 electronic version and 1000 electronic version  to project it onto a screen for the whole class to play as a team.
Kids will set and break personal records while improving their reading fluency.

Here’s what might be the world’s simplest and best first reader. Ideal for pre-kindergarteners, kindergarteners, special education students, English language learners, anyone who needs an entertaining boost into the world of reading.

Each word is illustrated by a full color cartoon, repeated frequently in entertaining contexts, and, to simplify decoding, accompanied by a rhyming partner. Phonics instruction is aided with color coding that highlights initial word sounds (phonemes).

Electronic Rhyming Reader’s 40 words can be learned more quickly that any other primary reader. And that’s not all! The PowerPoint format makes it easy to add or subtract words, making the program simpler or more challenging … however, you wish!