Want Whole Brain Teaching Certification?

July 27, 2016 SarahMeador

Dear Colleagues:


Tremendous new Freebie!


Play Wibby, our amazing, free, online Whole Brain Teaching Certification game. Frequently on your journey, you will catch dazzling glimpses of Teaching Heaven.


As a Gold Certified WBT Instructor you will enormously increase your instructional skills and have the option of training other educators in cutting edge Whole Brain Teaching strategies. You will:

  • be invited to participate in our national conferences
  • be involved in the design and implementation of the newest WBT techniques, addressing the deepest needs of K-12 students.
  • have your videos will be viewed by thousands of educators worldwide
  • need a new pair of pants, because your back pocket will bulge with strategies for Beloved Rascals.


And the whole trip is self-paced and free!
Click here to begin.


Dream On!

Chris Biffle

Director, Whole Brain Teachers of America