Where do I start? Spread Kindness!

Cultivate kindness in the classroom by implementing these strategies! Choose one strategy from the list, or come up with your own! Work to increase your students kindness by weaving it into everything you do, all day long. 

Contagious Kindness
Contagious Kindness 1

What's next? Seven Steps of WBT!

When you're ready to climb higher towards Teaching Heaven, use the menu at the top of the website to explore all Seven Levels of Whole Brain Teaching.

Step 1: WBT Basics - massively increase engagement during instruction

Step 2: Super Improver - meet kids at the level and help them reach heights they never dreamed - growth mindset at its finest

Step 3: Character Education - weave social/emotional learning into every aspect of your day

Step 4: Classroom Rules -  improve student behavior without punishment

Step 5: Scoreboard - reteach expectations and control the energy to increase engagement

Step 6: Beloved Rascals - reach your most difficult students

Step 7: PowerUps - additional resources and tools to help you get to Teaching Heaven


Each step includes core strategies to start with, all explained in detail on each webpage. At the bottom of each page you will find upgrades to use when you're ready. Add new WBT strategies to your classroom at your own pace. We suggest choosing two or three new techniques to your toolbelt at a time, working to implement them, then coming back for more when you're ready. Go as fast or as slow as you need to go!

We'll be here when you're ready for more!