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Class-Yes!: When you want your students' attention, say, "Class!" They respond, "Yes!," stop what they are doing, look at you, and fold their hands. Teaching these three expectations is a key component to being successful. What you expect is what you get, so make sure to set your expectations high and don't settle for anything less. This takes practice! Take a look at Wrong Way Right Way practice. At the Beginner Level, practice varying your volume, tone of voice, and speed as you call out "Class.". For example, you could say "Class!" in a high, happy, fast voice, a low, pretend robot, slow voice, a sing song, clownish, very-drawn-out voice and so forth. A single word, "Class!" could have countless variations. More variety in your Attention Getter, more engagement from your kids! Because of the brain's mirror neurons, you'll find students automatically mimic your delivery. Your variations on the theme of "Class!," produces their variations on the theme of "Yes!"
Class-Yes Variety: At the Intermediate Level, add words to your Attention Getter. If you say “Class! Class! Class!,” students answer, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Pupils of every age quickly learn, and happily respond to entertaining variations in your call-out. Before long, if you exclaim, “Class Yabba Do!,” your kids will exclaim “Yes Yabba Do!” At the bottom of this page are 20 ways to keep your Attention Getter fresh, lively, irresistible.
Class-Yes Voices: Add a lively humorous twist to your Attention Getter. Use a clown, Marine, Texan, zombie, surfer, even T-Rex voice. "Yippie Ky Yay, class!" you say in your best cowpoke drawl. Kids drawlingly respond, 'Yippie Ky Yay, yes!" and it 's time to saddle up.
Class-Yes Gestures: To powerfully engage your students' visual cortex at the Legendary Level, add gestures to your Attention Getter. Say, "Oh my classy!" and fling up your hands merrily. Kids respond, "Oh my yessy!" and mirror your gesture. "Hey there class!" you exclaim with mock seriousness, hands on hips. Your students respond, "Hey there yes!" imitating your tone of voice and gesture. Kids love to move and be silly. In WBT, with the Advanced Attention Getter, you will have moving, silly, on-task kids! To fine tune any procedure in Whole Brain Teaching, use Wrong Way-Right Way. For example, a third grade teacher might say, "Show me the Wrong Way, the first grade way to perform our Attention Getter ... Excellent Wrong Way! ... Now show me the mature, fifth grade way to perform our Attention Getter ... great!"
Class-Yes Student Leaders: It will take you and your class awhile to advance to Legendary Attention Getters, perhaps half a year. One of your highest goals in a WBT classroom is to train student leaders, to move kids on the Student Engagement Average up from 4s to 5s. At the Legendary level, whenever you point at a student, Wild Jack, and give a thumbs up, he quickly rises, and gives his own version of Class-Yes. Wild Jack has been waiting for this opportunity. He keeps one eye on you, yearns to be a leader as you give the thumbs up to Maria, then, later, Tommy. "Oh, when will my chance come?" Wild Jack wonders. When your Beloved Rascal can't wait for a chance to be a Student Leader, he's sprouting wings.

20 variations on Class-Yes.

1. Cowboy: Class Yee-haw! Your class responds,

“Yes Yee-haw!”

2. Backward Cowboy: Haw-yee Class!

3. Mouse: Class Squeaky!

4. Hipster: Yo Class!

5. Ninja: Class Saaaaa-eeee!

6. Gangster: Class Badda Boom!

7. Urban: Waz-up- wichoo Class!

8. Surfer: Gnarly Class!

9. Corny Surfer: Cowabunga Class!

10. Sweetie: Classy-Wassy- Dinkums!

11. Marine: Ooorah Class!

12. Sergeant: Class! Atten-hut!

13. Strict Teacher: Backs Straight Class!

14. 60’s Motown: Banana Fanna Class!

15. Cheerleader: Class Shacka Lacka!

16. Zombie: Yummy Nummy Class!

17. Lovey Dovey: Class Smoochy!

18. Lewis Carrol: Mimsey Class!

19. Hippie: Righteous Class!

20. Beatles: We all live in a yellow submarine, Class! (Your class responds, probably laughing, “We all live in a yellow submarine, yes!”)