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The Scoreboard is your class motivator, a team game that advances your kids to higher and higher levels of academic and social behavior.  Stop scolding ... start Scoreboarding!

This new Scoreboard ties directly in to the levels within the Super Improver game! Award positive Wolf marks for positive behavior...negative Turtle marks for negative behavior.

When your class is engaged, following classroom rules, treating each other with respect, performing transitions quickly, staying focused on tasks, mark a positive tally. Kids clap their hands, a One Second Party, and exclaim, “Oh, yeah!” When students are disengaged, off task, behaving rudely, breaking class rules, mark a negative tally. Your students quickly lift their shoulders and utter a Mighty Groan.

Never, ever point out individuals for Turtle points. You don't want to light a Beloved Rascal fuse. For negative behavior make your comments forceful, but vague.

A critical component of the Scoreboard is to state the behavior when you award the point. You can say "I see all eyes on me, that's Wolf, give me a Mighty Oh Yeah!", or, "Those gestures weren't big enough, that's Turtle, give me a Mighty Groan!"

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Astonishingly enough, you don’t provide material rewards for positive behavior. Forget lottery tickets, play money, candy, weird stuff you bought from Oriental Trading Company. Throw away that Treasure Chest!  The reward for excellence should be being recognized for excellence, not receiving a caramel.

When kids ask, “What do we get for winning?” You grin and reply, “Just like a video game, win enough times on  the Scoreboard and you climb to a higher level.” When students inquire, “How many levels are there?” You respond, “How high can you count?”

To keep the game excitingly close, always keep the difference between Turtle and Wolf within three points. The most exciting games to play are the closest!

To keep the kids on their toes, which is exactly where we want them, award 10-15 marks per hour of instruction.

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